Artificial Lung is No Longer a Dream.

It's a Plan!

Next Generation Blood Oxygenators and Respiratory Assist Devices.

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Solution Highlights

O2Cure introduces an innovative technology suitable for the development of long-term blood oxygenators and respiratory assist devices for use in hospitals, clinics and home.

High Performance

Efficient blood-gas exchange using a combination of advanced materials and novel design

Less Damage to Blood

Laminar blood flow with lower driving pressure enables long-term operation in different environments

Pump-less Operation

Low pressure difference facilitates blood flow without a pump to enable development of an artificial lung

Scalable System

O2Cure develops a compact and portable system with fully scaleable capabilities for different blood flow rate

Solid Patent Protection

O2cure has received approved patents in the United States and other countries in the main geographies

See How It Works

 O2Cure develops the next generation of blood oxygenators based on Carbon nanotube technology and laminar blood flow design for long term use in hospitals, clinics and the home.

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Technology Innovation

Meet the Team

Yoram Palti | M.D., Ph.D

Founder, and Executive Chairman
Professor Palti is professor emeritus of physiology and biophysics at the Technion, Israel and inventor of Tumor Treating Fields. Yoram is the author of more than 40 patents and 70 scientific papers. In 2000, Yoram founded Novocure and leads the activities of several other research-based startup companies he started.

Hezi Himelfarb

Chief Executive Officer
Hezi has over 30 years of management experience in the medical device and hi-tech arena, including General Manager and COO of Microbot, former CEO of IceCure Medical, CEO of Remon Medical Technologies and COO of Medtronic-InStent. Hezi also worked for 15 years at Scitex in various R&D and engineering positions.

Daniella Yeheskely-Hayon | Ph.D

Director, Research & Development
Daniella has over 10 years of project management experience for biomedical engineering and medical devices. Between 2009-2016 Daniella served as a Senior Research Associate at the Technion Dept. of Biomedical Engineering. Daniella holds a PhD in Biology from the Technion and has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals.

Gabriel Amir | M.D., Ph.D

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Amir, is Senior Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon and Director of Neonatal Cardiac Surgery at the Schneider Children Medical Center, Israel's largest children’s hospital and cardiac surgery unit. Gabi is a Senior Lecturer at the faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv university and completed post-doctorate in infant cardiology surgery at Stanford University

O2Cure is an Israeli startup founded in 2013 by Prof. Yoram Palti. The company has an enabling technology for development of long-term blood oxygenators and respiratory assist devices. O2Cure technology meets the needs of a wide range of long-term medical products for hospitals, clinics and home-use.

O2Cure Ltd.

5 Nahum Het St. Haifa 3508504, Israel


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